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UK universities

«New World Education» is ideal partner for you if you are thinking of applying to study in UK University.

Choosing the UK university that suits you, the course that you want to do, making sure that you are qualified to apply, making your application and obtaining paperwork enabling you to apply for your study visa — all these things are difficult especially when you are living overseas.

The «New World Education» team is dedicated to offering impartial and well-considered advice to any student wishing to come to the UK to study.  Our excellent team of University admission advisers makes applying and joining a UK university stress free and well organized.

Entry requirements for overseas students


Students must be at least 18 years old and have completed secondary education in their own country and in some cases have completed a foundation course in the UK. New World Education can advise you on a range of private foundation courses as well as those offered by UK universities. Students who have completed part of their bachelors degree programme in their own country can apply for second or third year entry to a UK degree.


Students must have taken an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination and have a score of 5.5 – 6.0 overall for most UK universities. Many of universities offer pre-sessional English courses. New World can advise you on private and university English language courses.

Services we offer

Meet us for an initial consultation. With you, we will build a tailored strategy to help you put forward an application to top UK University.

How a Private Consultation will help you

  • Identify your unique strengths and challenges
  • Provide an honest academic and personal assessment of which university is right for you
  • Analyze, inform and provide full guidance on all areas of the application process including course and college choices, the personal statement, admissions test and interview
  • Provide you with a full, tailored strategy for your subsequent application to university
  • Address all your questions and concerns, and discuss any further support you may want
Consultation structure

The one-hour Private Consultation takes place in our Cambridge  office or over Skype. During the consultation you will receive:

  1. A one-on-one, mock interviewing in English between you and our Consultant.
  2. We speak to your parent(s) alone to address queries and discuss your application in Russian.
  3. You will rejoin your parent(s) to receive full feedback from the mock interview and discuss the areas you find most challenging in Russian.
  4. You will then receive full written feedback as well as practical, actionable guidance tailored to your application.

Following the consultation we will offer to you:

Academic support and advise – the key to success

We will thoroughly assess your academia progress so far and advise you on practical solutions to improve your further examination results. Having right grades is a key to successful university application to top university. If required we will arrange specialist tutors for you.

Admin support to all university applications: this is our speciality

We will provide you will full admin support for your application, and will fill all admission forms for you, lease with admission tutor, university, as required.

Assistance with course selection

Your consultant will assess your interests and ability and provide you with objective and constructive feedback on the best course choice for you.

Assistance with university selection

Drawing on our research and internal knowledge as well as individual universities own admissions stats and your preferences, we will work with you to develop a shortlist of universities  which we believe are a good match for you and will maximize your chances of success.

Personal statement support

Your consultant will work closely with you to help you draft a strong personal statement, which will then be checked and be given comprehensive feedback from our head of university admissions.

Interview skills training

Conducted by your consultant this is  a best opportunity to work on your confidence and communication skills; an essential asset for your application to universities and, of course, for future job.

Admissions test preparation

If you have to sit a test, you will receive full preparation in tutorials with your consultant. You will also be able to work through sample practice papers when required.

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