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School’s scholarship

Many leading boarding schools offer scholarships for talented children. In all schools we work with, scholarships are highly prized.  They are awarded in recognition of proven talent or distinctive academic ability.

Scholarships are extremely popular with English parents, and are won in open competition (awarded solely on merit). Scholars are expected to provide the school with intellectual and cultural leadership.

Is your child talented in:

  • Music
  • Math
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Sport
  • Technology (engineering)

Generally good at everything and show leadership skills, apply for a scholarship to leading UK UK boarding schools with “New World Education”.

“New World Education” is a leading specialist company to help Russian speaking children and their parents to apply for a scholarship to leading boarding schools.

Why is it excellent idea to apply for the scholarship for your child?

  • Reduction in school fees (from 10 % to 50 %, it varies from school to school and from scholarship to scholarship )
  • Scholarship also offer free music, drama, art, and technology lessons . Young musicians will require extra 3 – 6 music lessons per week. Parents will be charged extra for these lessons. On average music lesson cost around 25 pounds. By applying for scholarship for your child, you will save thousands of pounds per year.
  • Scholarship are highly prestigious and valued by universities. Nothing will impress university admission team more then your child being a scholar at a leading boarding school.
  • Scholarship will really open doors for your child, and will make him known in the world they are talented in.
  • Scholars’ will attend master classes, summer schools. Workshop with leading UK teachers (often free of charge). If there are good at their scholarship subject, they will be encouraged by the best coaches and teachers in UK, who often know everyone in the field.
  • Being a scholar at the school is very effective in making long lasting friends. Doing a scholarship will involve many hours in the choir, orchestra, or training and playing for a first hockey team. This will involve very regular teamwork with many other likeminded children. Best lifelong friendships are made in this way.

Many scholarships in UK are underpinned by bursary assistance (100 % scholarships, if you run out of money and can no longer pay for your child )

To apply for a scholarship in UK you will need a specialist company to assist you. The application process is complicated and many English children will be prepared for the auditions / trials by their prep schools.

If your child is talented in any particular area, please contact us for a free initial consultation. New World Education are experts in scholarship applications and will provide full support and assistance during your child scholarship application.

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