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Education for children with special needs
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Education for children with special needs

What common between these individuals?

They all have had learning and attention difficulties. They struggled in their education, but found their passion and overcame their challenges.If you have a child who, perhaps, does not do that well at school and a little bit different from other children, then sending them to be educated in UK can be the best decision you have ever made.In UK, teachers believe that children with special educational needs should have the same opportunities in life as any other children. Many top boarding school developed sophisticated learning support departments, and are very well equipped to help children who:

  • Extremely talented, almost obsessive in one subject (e.g. music, chess, math)
  • Have difficulty managing and keeping track of homework and deadlines
  • Often tell their parents that they did not know about their homework because teacher never told them
  • Do not do well at school tests, but every one tells their parents that they are very clever
  • Do not make any friends and appear to be extremely shy
  • Sometimes prefer to be on their own and love doing activities on their own
  • Seems to be very clumsy and discoordinated, and need their mum to look after them excessively

To find a right school for your child, who has special education needs, you will need to choose a specialist company to assist you. The assessment process and matching up the right school to the needs of your child is complicated, and you will very much need a company who will understand your and your child needs and aspirations.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation. We are experts in special needs education and will provide full support and assistance to you and your child during the assessment, choosing the right school and throughout your child education.

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