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Why choose us

Why choose us

What makes “New World Education” unique?

We are specialist guardianship agency for russian speaking students only and we speak english, russian and ukranian.

The “New World Education” speaks 3 different languages fluently. Being able to speak these other languages means that we can converse directly with parents who are not comfortable speaking English. It also means that we can translate school reports and other important documents if required.

We understand what it is like to come to a foreign country to live and study and also to be a parent who’s children are studying in a foreign country.

As well as being experienced guardians, “New World Education” founders, Elena and Inna, have direct experience of the same situations which our students and parents find themselves in. Read our full story here .  We also have team members who have come from Russia and Ukraine, who completed their education in the UK and have all decided to stay and work here.

This unique perspective means that New World Education team is particularly empathetic towards parent and student concerns and understand how crucial regular, clear contact is.

We cover all of the UK

“New World Education” team covers all of the UK. Although our head office is in Cambridge, we have staff based throughout the UK. Using local representatives reduces staff travel and time expenses meaning our fees can be competitive. But most importantly, in an emergency we always have staff who are close and familiar with a local school and area.

We are very experienced as guardian

“New World Education” has wealth of experience of being guardian to international students. Read our full story here. Thanks to this experience, even on rare occasions when there were very difficult situations to deal with, we have always been well prepared and able to react appropriately. We are very proud of how quickly and how well we react in an emergency.

We take responsibility for children under our care while they are in the UK very seriously. We also greatly enjoy our role as guardians  and educational advisers, helping children to reach their potential. We are able to confront challenges such as underachievement or behavioural problems in a sensitive and helpful way, with no loss of face or trust.

We have never found a situation that cannot be resolved

There are few examples:

Andrey, who was 13 years old,  had  lost his passport while traveling to the airport – no problems, we knew where Russian consulate in London based, and were able to apply for a replacement passport for him the  following day.

Katya   unable to travel home to Moscow for a holiday due to urgent unexpected events. No problem, she  was welcome in our family (host family emergency placement) and we  made sure she  had  best half term ever. We even made sure we sent her mum daily reports  of her activities with us.

Daniil, who was 12 at the time has a bad flue with increased temperature, and his school told him to go and play rugby in freezing conditions. No problems, we sorted this situation in no time. His mother was just about to take time of from her work and travel to UK to look after Daniil, while he was unwell. After we talked to school there was no need anymore for her to travel to UK, as we arranged for Daniil to have few days off school to recover and a week off sport.

We have built strong relationships with the schools and universities that we work with

We have developed very strong links with institutions across the UK. The institutions that we work with know that they can trust us to make careful, safe arrangements for students. They know that we will take excellent care of their students, and that they do not need to worry or be on call during the holidays.

Schools often come to us for advice and support if another guardian is failing one of their students. We are always happy to help because taking care of students in an emergency is what we do best.

And what is the most important about our service – we really care about your children. We work with care and love!

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