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Programs for our students
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Programs for our students

Why your child needs a Guardian

British boarding schools require parents to appoint an Educational Guardian. Educational Guardians must be available to assist with travel arrangements and care for your child at all the times when they are not in school. Guardians are available 24 hours a day to assist your child in an emergency. A good Educational Guardian will also provide practical, emotional and educational support for your child when they are at school and liaise regularly with parents, ideally speaking parent’s native language.

“New world education” offers 3 levels of services for our families

They are Privilege service, VIP service and Standard service.

For our Privilege service we offer:

  • Information booklet, advice and assistance before you arrive in the UK, in Russian
  • A New World employee, who is a UK citizen to serve as Educational Guardian for you
  • Regular contact, help and support for both parents and children in Russian and English
  • 24 hour emergency service in Russian and English
  • Programme of educational activities, as per agreement
  • Assistance with application to school or college and care and support of our Head Office team in Russian
  • Safe transfer of a student to and from airport with a New World driver
  • Safe arrival notification and arrival report to parents including initial academic and welfare information in Russian
  • Two visits per year from your New World Guardian followed by a full academic and welfare report
  • Assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements for visiting parents
  • The provision of an excellent, hand-picked, host family fully checked out by New World Team
  • A range of Optional Services for students and their families

For our VIP service we offer:

The full Privilege services package plus:

For our VIP service, we also offer a range of additional services, as per your individual instructions. After initial meeting with yourself, we can offer an additional range of services, these may include:

  • Unlimited visits to schools, if required (e.g. useful if a child regularly looses his uniform and requires more personal approach)
  • Regular collection of a child from school during weekends and activities with a child, as per your instructions (e.g. going home for a weekend, shopping, going to the restaurant)
  • Specialist homestay accommodation, e.g. in Russian or Ukrainian family, with special dietary requirements (e.g. Ukrainian food), families with an agreed level of wealth (e.g. family with horses)
  • Service of our VIP transfers to the airport where a guardian arrives to a child’s school/airport and will help your child to pack his suitcase, wait for the child as long as it takes at school and in the airport, if required at night hours.
  • Spending exiats/ holidays with your child and going to shows, exhibitions, theaters attractions, etc., as per agreement.
  • Any other services you may require (as per agreement)

We also offer standard guardianship services:

We will act as your nominated guardians in the UK and you will be able to give our name when applying for UK Visa service to your school. You will be free to choose from any of our Educational Guardianship package for the extra cost, but in the same time it will give you freedom to pick up the individually tailored services, just right for you. The law in UK states that any child under 18 studying in UK without a parent should appoint guardian in UK. Without appointing a guardian, your student visa can be cancelled.  We will charge extra for any other additional services.

Our Standard service is very convenient for families who have friends or some relatives living in the UK.

What to expect from your host family:

  • Own bedroom or option to share with friend or sibling
  • A quiet space to study.
  • Internet access
  • Full board – 3 meals per day
  • Drinks and snacks between meals if required
  • Some entertainment provided by host family
  • Contact with their Educational Guardian

Extra services, for VIP service, as per your individual agreement.

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