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Guardianship students in the UK
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Guardianship students in the UK

“New World Education” has been founded  by two Russian Mums , whose children were international students at UK Boarding School in 2007. Working and living in England for many years, the team of New World Education has learned all the nuances and challenges that may be faced by Russian-speaking children in the UK boarding schools. After going through all the difficulties faced by parents and children of foreigners in the UK schools with, we know  from our own experience how to help you to smooth the process of adaptation to the new environment and make studying in an English school a happy process for both children and their parents. We also know from our own experience how important it is for a guardian to speak your language and understand you.

“New World Education” is an English based company, with head office located in Cambridge, UK, and offices in Moscow and Kiev. All our staff speaks Russian and English fluently (and Ukrainian), and many have many years’ experience working within leading boarding schools in UK, as well as dealing with English boarding schools and universities as parents.

Our role is to help overseas students to find the right place at a British school, college, or university and then to care for them while they are here as their UK based guardianship.

“New World Education” – we are an experts in Guardianship for Russian Speaking Students

Over the years our team of education specialists has helped many of international students join the British education system and go onto top UK universities to complete their education.

If you are sending your son or daughter to a UK boarding school, then you will asked by  school and the authorities to provide the name of a UK based guardian who is responsible for your child as you are not living in the UK. Parents who do not have a friend or family member who live in the UK often turn to the services of a guardianship organization such as New world Education .

Also, it is very important to understand that with accordance to British Legislation  student’s Visa might be cancel  if child under 18 do  not have a British based Guardinaship.

As guardians, our vision has always been to create an elite guardian service that far exceeds the expectations of parents and their children. In doing so we have established an excellent reputation among the many UK boarding schools with whom we work. We can offer guardianship to students in many areas of the UK.

We do have local reptresentatives across the whole England

Our teams of New World representative live near the schools. They act as a child’s mentor and independent friend in the UK and the parent’s representative. We have chosen our Local Coordinators because they live near the schools so can get there quickly if necessary.

Our representative will call your children regularly and will make sure she/he is OK. This can really help to settle them in to school and makes a big difference.

  • During their first time at a host family they will call them and after they return to school they will visit and run through a Host Family Care Plan to make sure they have been happy. The results of this meeting will be sent to you
  • Your representative will attend Parents Evenings if you required to and will report back to you on progress
  • The New World Education representative spends the year getting to know your son/daughter and generally offering any support they need and are also there locally in case of emergency
Please do arrange a free  personal consulation to receive further advise and  especialy  tailored recomendations for your needs.

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