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FAQ. Guardianship
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FAQ. Guardianship

If you have any other questions, or would like to discuss the services we offer, please contact us for further information. We will be delighted to anwser any other questions you have.

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Who is my child’s guardian?

«New World Education» will be your guardian. We liaise with parents, agents, schools, host families and the students. Our host families provide accommodation for half terms, exeats and longer holidays.

Who will meet my child at the airport?

For Privilege and VIP services we have a team of our own drivers for unaccompanied minors and always provide a more personal service.  All drivers are police checked. For the standard service we will use a taxi service, and ask you to prepay Taxi Company for transfers.

We also offer a VIP service for airport transfers, when your guardian will meet your child at the school/ airport, will wait for the child as long as needed, and then make sure child is happy to be transferred by specific driver, or will accompany your child, as required.

What happens if my child falls ill?

If your child falls ill (minor illness, such as colds) at school the school deal with this (in their own medical block) and seek advice from the school medical center. For more serious illnesses, we will immediately contact you and seek further advice from yourself. We will accompany all our children, if they need to be admitted to the hospital (and will immediately notify you by phone/email in Russian about any developments).

If your child fell ill whilst staying with a host family we would immediately attend host family and ask host family to contact their own doctor and for your child to be seen as an emergency patient. If necessary we can also take your child to the local hospital (we will immediately notify you by phone and email in Russian about any illnesses / difficulties your child may experience.

Who monitors my child’s academic progress?

Academic progress is monitored by school – your child’s teachers and tutor are responsible. On a regular basis you will receive reports and assessment marks. We will attend Parents Evenings if you request us to and speak with teachers. If you offered educational support from us, your New World educational adviser will also monitor your child’s progress and will report to you in writing as per your individual agreement with us.

How do you choose your host families?

We visit all host families when they first contact us. If we feel they will be suitable we then arrange for them to be police checked. Once they start to host our students we keep in contact with them and visit on a regular basis.

Can i choose my child’s host family?

For our privilege service: We can send you a copy of our Host Family Directory. From this you can see the majority of our host families and if you wish, you can choose a host family for your child (as per availability of the host families). We do work very closely with families and students to ensure that we match your child up with a family that would suit them best. We recommend to book host family well in advance, if you prefer a specific host family.

For our VIP clients: we will recruit a specific family for you, as per your specific requirements. (As per your individual agreement).sit on a regular basis.

Can my child stay with relatives or friends instead of a host family?

Of course, your child can stay with relatives or friends. We will ask for parent’s permission, if your child would like to travel unattended or stay with friends.

Will they have to share a room?

We prefer our students to have their own room. However, some students do like to share if they go to a host family with a friend or sibling, but this must be their choice.

How often will they stay with the host family?

Your child can stay with their host family for exeat weekends and half terms if they are not going to be coming home. Some students stay for the longer holidays, but in this instance we cannot guarantee that their normal host family will be available for the whole period.

Can my child change the host family if they are not happy?

If your child goes to a host family and is not happy there or simply wants to stay in a different area that is not a problem. A number of our students change host families on a regular basis to experience different parts of England and meeting new people.

Can my child stay in a hotel during half terms and exeats?

Schools do not usually permit their students to stay in hotels at half terms and exeats on their own. They will have to be accompanied by adult to stay in the hotel.

How often will my child be visited?

We will normally visit your child twice per year. (If there are no issues, and child is happy). However, if they need to see us for any reason we are always available to go to visit them at any time (there may be a small charge for this for privilege package, it is free for VIP package).

What happens if there is an emergency?

If there is an emergency while your child is at school you will be contacted by school staff or by us if they let us know first. If there is an emergency while your child is in our care at a host family we will contact you immediately. If you have an emergency and need to get hold of your child or school immediately, we have an emergency mobile that you can call 24 hours a day.

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