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FAQ. Boarding school
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FAQ. Boarding school

There is no such a thing as a ‘best school’. The best school is one where child will make many friends, be happy and do well, and will achieve the best for them academically. So the best school will vary, depending on the needs of the child. Our process of school selection is design in such a way, that we will listen to and understand your child’s needs prior to any advise we give. So after the initial consultation we will advice you on 5 -7 school we recommend for your child, and will outline the positive and negative aspects of each school, based on your requirements (e.g. you may want for your child to stay in London, or go to a smaller school, or one with high proportion of children applying to Oxford or Cambridge after finishing school).  If you decided to choose a school where there are entrance exams to sit in UK, we will also advise and support you with them.

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What level of English language is requested for UK Boarding School admission?

In our experience, children learn English very quickly and often catch up with English during their first year in UK. Also some schools in UK specialize in children with reduced level of English. Our head of admissions speak Russian and English fluently and during our assessment process we will assess your child’s level of English and then will choose a school for your child which is right for you. Please book a free initial consultation with ourselves and we will discuss your individual requirements with you.

Do you help with UK Visa?

As part of our school or university admission process, we will be able to assist you with visa application to your child and the whole family, as per your requirements.

Will you be able to open a bank account for my child?

As our official guardian, we will be able to open bank account for your child, including Visa or MasterCard and online banking operation.

Will you advise to attend the Summer Language Courses before start of first year study at school?

In our experience, it is not a straight question where you could simply answer yes or no. The answer is very much depends on your child’s and your particular circumstances. In some cases it is very advisable, and in other cases it will be just a waste of time. We will advise you to book a free consultation with us and after detailed assessment we will advise you in more details.

Could you help with parent’s accommodation during their visit?

Of course, we will help parents, and all other family members with all travel arrangements, including visa application, booking accommodation, travel arrangements, as per your individual requirements.

Do you organize the pre admission school’s visit?

Yes, we organize full spectrum of school visits and school tour, prior to applying.  After the free initial consultation we will present you with detailed individual plan for school or university applications, which will include school visit tour with our Russian-speaking guardian support service throughout the visits, as per your individual requirements.

What programme is better IB or A Level?

It is not possible to advise whether to choose IB or A level without an initial consultation.

The questions we will need to ask your child when deciding on IB versus A levels are:  which course in university he or she would like to apply for, what are their GCSE or Russian equivalent results, how organized they are to study many subjects instead of 3, and many other questions. Based on these answers we will be able to advice on post GCSE choices.

Choosing right A levels is also absolutely essential to get to a right university. Please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation for further advise.

Could you help with advise about UK University entrance process?

Going to study in university in UK is very important step at any young person life. Universities In UK varies in their style, quality of teaching they offer and prestige. We are experts in education in UK and will be happy to advise you on all aspects of university admission, and how apply to best university. Please see more detailed information about Universities admission here , or contact us to arrange free initial consultation.

Do you know how to apply to Cambridge or Oxford?

To apply at Cambridge or Oxford University, you will need a specialist company to assist you. In this case, the chances of you admission to top university will greatly improve. We are Specialist Company and have been helping many Russian-speaking children to apply to top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. We specifically employ Cambridge graduate (who graduated with degree in pure math) to help you with applications. The admission to top universities is complex and competitive with up to 10 very academicals students per every university place, and we advise you to contact us for initial free consultation as soon as possible. During this consultation, we will assess your current education and then provide you with detailed assessment findings and recommendations.

Can you arrange a tutor for my son? He did not have a good report in his English school last year, and got D in English.

Many children we work with do really well at their school and need no additional educational support. Others, for many reasons, do not do well in one or few subjects. For those children we offer additional educational services where we will, after analyzing their school reports, meet with their teachers to find out what is the problem and arrange additional tuition, if and when required. Obviously we will take your instructions on additional support and will act accordingly.  There will be small additional charge for these services.

Do you provide Guardianship service?

We offer full guardianship services for Russian speaking children. See our guardianship page for further information.

Do you help children with special educational needs to apply to boarding school in UK?

Yes, «New World Education» specializing  in school placement  for children with Special education needs in English boarding schools . Please contact us for further information.

My son would like to apply for a scholarship to one of the leading English school. Can you help?

Yes, helping our students to receive School scholarship it is another our priority. We are Specialist Company and will advise and guide you throughout the whole process of application to obtain a scholarship to the leading boarding schools.  In the past, we successfully von scholarshipsfor our own children and for many of our clients. Please see our scholarship page for further information and apply for initial consultation.

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