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Reaching out to Russian speaking students for you.
UK Boarding school placement
A bespoke UK Guardianship for international students.
UK Universities Admissions.

Guardianship and School Placement Service for Russian speaking students.

Choosing to study abroad is a very important and life-changing decision, so choosing the right school or university for your child is absolutely essential.We are an expert in English Educations for Russian-speaking children and will support you throughout your child’s education with love and care.

Reaching out to Russian speaking students for you

Guardianship students in the UK

Our vision has always been to create an elite guardian service that far exceeds the expectations of parents and their children.We can offer guardianship to students across the whole England.

Опекунство школьников в Великобритании

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School placement in the UK

Our experts will help you to choose the right school for your child, were he will not only get an excellent education, but will also feel comfortable and confident.

Подбор частных школ в Великобритании 1

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UK universities

New World Education is ideal partner for you if you are thinking of applying to study in UK University. Our excellent team makes applying and joining a UK university stress free and well organized.

Поступление в университет 3

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UK summer courses

New World Education will offer a selection of summer schools run by high quality organizations that offer quality language and activity programs for children and adults.

Языковые курсы на каникулах

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We will provide for you

Dedication Dedication

We are proud to deliver only the best possible service.

Knowledge Knowledge

We are an experts in UK educational system.

Honesty Honesty

We will give you the sincere and unbiased advises.

Care Care

We will deliver the motherly care for your children.


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